December 25, 2008
By Katie Hughes BRONZE, Sprigfield, Oregon
Katie Hughes BRONZE, Sprigfield, Oregon
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Sunshine , sunshine hello today,
Its been a while , i wish you could stay.

Mr. Rain has been here alot,
I told him to go ,but we stopped and talked.

He told me he missed me , and my smile.
I asked him to sit and stay a while.

The days got darker and i got nieve,
It was hard to see , it was hard to believe.

Sunshine , sunshine where have you gone, I waited and looked but not even a Dawn

Mr. Rain said you were bad ,
He said what i did made you mad.

I grabbed an umbrella and pushed him away,
Hello sunshine i want you to stay.

The author's comments:
This poem is written about depression.Its hidden.If you read closely you'll realize it is just that.

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