Mysterious Feeling

December 25, 2008
By Mary Skaja, Overland Park, KS

Lying back on the bed, eyes closed.
Inhaling a deep breath, with some weird feeling in the chest.
Exhaling with the same sharp feeling.
This continuous throbbing in the chest never stopping.

Closing eyes tight to block out every little bit of light.
Knowing the brightness is blinding and eyes sensitive.
It is getting worse.
The hurting and sensitivity to light.

This mystery has grown.
Now the eyes hurt too and a headache has started.
It is like the sound of five amplifiers going off full blast as the band rocks out.
Then the strobe lights begin with not just plain whine light, but some color light as well.

It doesn’t stop.
The throbbing, pain and strain in the eyes.
Now it is a funny reaction.
A nauseous feeling.

With this woozy feeling is an alert of smell.
Thinking about food hurts the stomach.
Awful rotten aromas fill the nostrils.
Nothing going right.

Finally, falling asleep slowly with the pain still ongoing.
Figuring sleep would get rid of it.
Kill the awful migraine looming.
Being able to wake up later and every symptom gone.

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