December 23, 2008
By Miranda P., Birmingham, AL

Down, down, down,
Do you love how this pattern sounds?

Having a stepmother,she's nice and all,
But having the fact that she has your Dad, when you had him first, makes all that niceness, suddenly fall.
Having you friends approve of your hair,
Makes you think if they really /care/.
Having these braces,
That makes you feel like just another,'One of those faces'.
Having the mind to just let it go, get it out,
So I can sleep without my mind giving me another,not so peaceful,shout.
Having to look and feel like this,
Just because the world is filled with hypocrites.
Having to cry,sometimes,in the midst of the night,
Just because your world has been wrapped so tight.

Trying to live in the moment, but having to stop at each breath,
Trying to keep things positive and make sure the good things, haven't left.

The is only one word to describe my life, and it's just;wow,
Do you love how this pattern sounds, even now?

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