Baby Blue Terrors

December 23, 2008
By kaela.b.kelly GOLD, Collegedale, Tennessee
kaela.b.kelly GOLD, Collegedale, Tennessee
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"Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind." - Magdalena Abakanowicz

Every crease in your face screams love,
Glances burning,
Eyes yearning,
You want everything I am,

I struggle each new day,
Each attempt at avoiding your unbearable touch,
Leaves me always wanting you in impossible ways,

Every bone in my body screams runaway,
Insides churning,
Minds Melting,
You destroy everything I am
With each new glance,

You breathe those words,
Forcing me to realize you’re the man,
The man I can’t spend this life with,

Every ounce of hate screams these horrors as I break,
Bones crushing,
Promises crumbling,
You tare down my walls
Take everything I am,

Promise ‘I love you’s’ until the very end,
Take away my innocence,
Bash your way into my head,

Swallow my heart with unneeded force
Just because you know you can,
Burn your face into my head
Just to be sure I’ll never forget,
Torture me ‘till death
Just because you want there to be nothing left of who I was,

Every mile screams your closer,
Questions dying,
Hopes defying,
You take away all my senses,
Leaving me in a state of unclear,

Tell me everything’s never going to be okay,
With each falling tear,
Wind me with your forceful words,
‘I can’t live without you’,

Plead with me continuously,
Beg me to hold you,
Ask me to stay with baby blue stunned eyes,

Rip me apart with sudden unveiling truths,
I lie until it hurts
Needing to convince myself I can somehow,
Somehow live without you,

Unstoppable terrors eating me anew,
Punishing me,
Murdering me,
For not facing what’s true,
I’m afraid
I’m so afraid of loving you.

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