The CO2 Ballad

December 3, 2008
Long ago
Walking along this Earth.
Respected it.
We are all important
Even the ancients.
So is the Earth.
We drive everywhere
We drive our cars
We care nothing for our beautiful Earth.
We say we love it
Then we drive off
In our gas-guzzling cars.
CO2 is mounting.
The icebergs are melting.
The polar bears dying.
We say
And over again
That we are trying to save the Earth
While we are driving,
In our gas-guzzling cars.
You see the smoke
Coming from the factories
You know it is bad
You say it is bad
But you do nothing.
You see
It melting
Into the air,
The air we breathe
You say you will do something
At rallies
You claim you will fight,
this atrocity.
In the end
You file a claim
And hope
That something will happen.
Hope does nothing,
If we do nothing.
The ancient people
Long ago
Respected this planet
Why shouldn't we?

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cldplayrocks said...
Jan. 2, 2009 at 11:12 pm
This is great poem, and absolutely true! We have to go out and act, not just sit back and wait for other people to. I liked how you formatted the poem, and it was well-written. The message was great, too.
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