Ship to My Heart

December 18, 2008
By lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
lyrn2200 GOLD, Norfolk, Virginia
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I sail a ship with golden sails,
Ivory stern, mahogany rails.
Homemade flag atop my mast,
Its colors bold and iron cast.
It forever sails to the east,
Bound for rough waters in the least.

My compass points to where the sea is swelling,
Where my ship may go, there is no telling.
I do not yearn for treasure chests,
Or even gold at its best.
All I seek is good company,
For on my ship there is no fee.

My crew is new and always changing,
Black, white, close and ranging.
The greatest treasure I can find
Can only be found by the blind.
The gift to see but cannot judge,
To give just law, and hold no grudge.
To love someone, but when they die,
Move on with life, yet still can cry.

In my ship there are many holes,
Like my heart, and my soles.
I have traveled long and hard, and now that I see,
It wasn’t about the destination,
But all about the journey.

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