December 18, 2008
By Joshua Hill, Jonesboro, AR

It was dark that night
The fog blinded us both
and we were lost in the forest of time

But you whispered to me slowly
Your voice steadied my heartbeat
and gave me strength

You gave me the power
to do something as simple
as compose myself

So I thank you
my muse, my love, my life
and my hope

When I couldn't go on
you were the melody
that lead me to my destination

Even though there wasn't one to begin with

The author's comments:
When life gets tough and you don't really know where you're going, it's comparable to a foggy forest in the black of night. But there is always something to get you through, and that is hope. Always know that the picture can be painted in brighter colors and keep moving to that destination that isn't quite set in stone.

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