Sea Sick

December 17, 2008
By John DeVilbiss, Radford, VA

I’m sinking in the ocean and ask myself should I keep swimming?
Maybe I am swimming where one shouldn’t.
Sunken ship waiting for rescue.
Rescue implies search.
Hard to be found when no one is looking.
The reality is, there is no help.
I know why.
People are busy helping themselves.
I can be the only to give help.
One thought makes me sick.
Where do I sink?
Is it a place absent of the water, the air or even the light.
I would miss the water.
These thoughts are pretty sick right?
That’s the problem.
After floating awhile I had a realization.
I’m just sea sick.

The author's comments:
What is life without perspectives?
Inside I mean to show you a few different perspectives.
If you see monochrome monotony, I hope this helps.
We are all fools in our own court.
Let’s laugh at the king.

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