December 17, 2008
By Jeremy Stephens, Mtn. Home, AR

Numerous scars
make canyons on my surface
but the culprits are oh so diverse
i've seen the blood brained redneck
with his pocket knife
i've seen the classic dreamer
madly in love
a love so pure
that he chisled it on my face
surface love
Jimmy and Martha
i've seen the apathetic
and i've seen the pathetic
the pathetic whose only goal in life
is to taste apathy
i've seen boredom
we know each other well
the way he raises his grey head
the way he instigates
the result
usually another scar on my face
scar of wisdom
next to my 3 year old wad of gum
my scars and stains are shunned
shunned by those blind to reality
teachers who want a clean slate
but to get rid of me
would be impossible
you cant destroy the past

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