Moon Dance

December 17, 2008
By Andrea Hauck, Littleton, CO

No one knows or goes --
Where the horizon and sky are one,
Both vibrant colors as in a dream that enchants the sky.
The gentle breeze does not speak but carries words
Through the jagged landscapes,
Water dashes

As the water hurdles objects in its path
The word Moon Dance comes to mind --
The treetops sway and hum a familiar tune
The branches brush my face
As if a hand layed upon my cheek.
I can smell the pine in the bristles that tickle my back,
But no one is there --
The sun sets
Mountains become disguised by the clouds as a mask.
A gawky ink invades the sky
Penetrating the blue that previously existed --
The distinction of the city clear.
I can see the pleasant glow in the distance
But it seems to be sealed in a dome,
Keeping the sound and tension it thrives on inside.
Under me are the walls of a cabin that once stood
The frail wood digs splinters into my bare legs --
I feel the unforgiving air surrounding me,
Squeezing my lungs,
Leaving me cold and out of breath --
My secret place that no one knows or goes

The author's comments:
This is a real place that my family and I go to when we are 4-wheeling! It is the most BEAUTIFUL place I have ever seen!

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