December 17, 2008
By Taylor Green, Saint Leonard, MD

sleep gently, my dear; goodbye
may your trip be painless and quick
for beyond the clouds and stars
your flame has burned through all the wick

oh! how id love to rest my head
(in an Angel’s Raiment, crisp and breezy)
sealed forever in a soft marble bed
but my way out would be too easy
He could simply free me
the reaper from the sky
but He does not choose me
He’s too glorious; too high

you took me buy surprise
you were gone without a farewell
my love for you, you’ll never know;
it’s locked inside my beating cell

never again will your voice touch my soul
(like an Angel’s Wings, feathered and light)
to calm my nerves, and cover my holes;
without you, i wander through night
this can’t be normal
you’ve been gone for a while
i just cant move on
though there is no denial

my thoughts are fading; my intentions aren’t clear
(like an Angel’s Appearance, transparent and nude)
why aren’t you back? my begging’s sincere
i am now left to wallow and brood
how can He take them?
who gave Him the right?
why does He make the rules?
how can He steal the light?

sleep gently; morning will never come
His grip will forever hold you
I know this: we may never meet
even if i start anew

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