face of our nations race

December 17, 2008
By danny torres, Erie, PA

the color of his face ???is that what it takes,for this man bring about change ?? they say he is black but hes red according to the blood that runs his vains .he's white according to the people he was raised.wheres the truth for which this mixed raced individual can bring change , Can he take away our country's pain ???can he walk up to parents of those whos clothes are blood stained and say everything is goin to be okay ??? Brighter days are upon us.Arewe in a new age cause im tired of livin in a society where the system onl;y adds to our countrys pain..nowadays we all feel betrayed cause children are out killin and the streets are where they are bein laid .Why?cause this country is all about bein paids. barak our country's problems start on our blocks where kids are loaded with rocks and continue to be harrassed by the cops and learnin to not get jobs but to get glocks .where are our peace talks ??? for our wars parents hearts bein torn kids are bein born not by chance but by whores .where our justice and education systems have flaws and falls short and now young kid need relief so they're out buyin weed .all yall talk bout is peace when theres mayhem throughout our streets moms are gettin beat young people are bein filled with evil and decit they takin our lives in the name of peace. so wheres the peace ???but, imgoin to wait for change and ill leave with words from one mans dream: i have a dream that my children will grow in a nation where they judge you not by the color of skin but by ur characterstics : martin luther king jrs. dream was the beginnig of ur change but now that is no longer our pain ,so president barak obama is the color of ur face meaning of change if so then i was mistaken cause ur my president for ur ideas. soundin like a cure to my country's pain .to me You are much more then the color of ur face u are the face of our nations race! .heres to change !

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popz5 said...
on Jan. 2 2009 at 5:30 pm
this poem is deep .. obama is change


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