December 16, 2008
By Renee Tapia, Tacoma, WA

You feel the urge tingle in your fingers
You hear the need screaming in your mind
You see the stories written in your skin
And remember every time you were left behind
Find something sharp
Try to hide it if you can
Forget your efforts, forget your rules
Forget your quitting plan
You press it in, and to your relief
Your skin begins to tear
And when the blood comes oozing through
Forget the burdens that you bear
A new story on you now
A new surrender haunts you now
You cry in the silence
Grieving your sanity
You hold your arm in darkness
Questioning your humanity
You wonder where your life has gone
And who you really are
You wonder why you started this
You know it went too far
But that was many years ago
And those years
Left a scar

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