Skin Deep

December 16, 2008
By Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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If your called beautiful, does that mean you are?
Does dressing a certain way, make me beautiful?
Maybe, maybe not, if I went to a foreign country, then won’t opinions on clothes and looks change?
Is it religion that makes me beautiful, how about skin tone, or perhaps it are my features and proportions?
No, beauty is supposed to be within right?
If you have it great, if not, well then you’re not looking deep enough.
What is the TRUE definition of beauty?
Have you not ever wondered, the true meaning of beauty?
Is it not kindness, honesty, forgiveness, love, good deeds, and things of that extent?
So when you call me beautiful what are you basing your opinion on?
If you don’t know me, and you call me beautiful, then do you really speak the truth?
Skin Deep

The author's comments:
When I wrote this piece I was angry. I was tired of both kids and adults calling good looking people beautiful, when in truth there are beautiful people all around you. My main point in this piece was for the reader to think before immediately calling a person beautiful. Think about how biased opinions can be and to not judge people by their covers, look deeper.

Victoria Forsmo

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