Help me

December 16, 2008
By Desaree Slisz, Cheektowaga, NY

Gonna talk to you once I get home
Gonna tell you what happened
Know that you’re gonna want to know
What I’ve done, where I’ve been
Why do you care?
Learned not to expect an answer to that anymore
Learned that you’re probably just looking out for me
Like a big brother just looking out for people
Someone that I can go to for help
Only problem is that you never know what to say
Proved it when you left me
Couldn’t have talked it out.
Never knew how to talk to me, make me feel better
Ever though we don’t talk the same way
I know that it’ll get better
I think
I hope
I know
It will
I have faith in you
Have a feeling that you don’t have it in me anymore
That was my fault, I caused you to lose trust in me

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