Layers of Lies

December 17, 2008
Layers of lies,
Not black nor white
Like a shroud
Of eteranl night,
The shadow of twins
Blocks the light
Downcast eyes, furtive glances
In and out of daydream trances
Hide away,
Truth and key,
To conceal perceived
Rolling Clouds
Pewter grey and kettle black
Cast shadows upon my back.
I hear the Rain.
Waves of
Violet, blue and periwinkle
Crash upon the shores
of time.
Can you feel it?
It drips off brown dogs,
Dull shoes and dancing dresses,
Tailcoats and silky tresses,
Washing away the made-up mask
Of those we'd rather see
Revealing the truth inside
The one that is true,
And so,
Shouts of shock
Melt into smiles
Of joyful irony.
They are caught;
In their twilight fantasy.
And on the curb,
Here stands I,
In a soaking dress,
Of shining blue,
And limp wet curls
Filled with evening dew,
Blue eyes which melt to green,
Then grey,
As I hum my own, short tune
Layers of colors,
With one that is true.

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