My Motley

December 17, 2008
By John DeVilbiss, Radford, VA

Blind to everything. Eyes closed. All they see that way is themselves. Selfish. They are more than capable of opening their eyes. Its like they are afraid to leave their house. You want to live in a house your whole life? Hidden from the wonderful world? Go outside and share your beauty with the world. The world will share back its beauty. Afraid? You should be, nature can hold some dangerous things. But all I ask is to just take a step into your backyard. Its just a patch of grass behind your house Is it really that hard? Fine, take your sedentary seat and silent life. I’m going outside.

The author's comments:
What is life without perspectives?
Inside I mean to show you a few different perspectives.
If you see monochrome monotony, I hope this helps.
We are all fools in our own court.
Let’s laugh at the king.

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