Life of Charlie Kane

December 17, 2008
I look into the mirror. The mirror of myself, fully me and nothing more. I look into the eyes. Eyes that hold nothing. Beauty drained of brilliance. I think of my day at work. The idea of subliminal messages was brought to me at the Inquirer. I looked at the seemingly normal picture. Then I was instructed to look closer. They told me there were many things there but I truly could see nothing. So I just went along with it. Epitome of true confusion came forth. To look knowing something is their but no matter how hard you search, you don’t see it, nothing. Everyone sees the obscured message but not me. Should I keep looking? Do I want the shock of eureka. All it will do is stay with me. Burden my mind with the meaning until there is no mind to burden. Do I want to reveal the meaning of life?

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