that 1 boy who came into my life

December 20, 2008
By sarah price, London, ZZ

You weren’t the greatest but I loved you anyways
I knew the moment we meet who you truly where.
But I didn’t care I wanted that excitement in my life
You fell in love with me on the first look
And you tried to hide it but I knew
I stopped what I was doing and paid all my attention to you
I wanted you in my life
And I knew u wanted me to
The way you used to sit there and stare at me
Even out the corner of your eye
I loved it
And the way how you would be so shy
Until you said the words
And I said
I……you too!
Than electricity ran through us
Pulsing through my veins I felt you
It was true love
It felt like it
Day after day every minute I was with you
Every second I didn’t want to be apart from you
Every day after a year of litteraly hanging out everyday
Obviously it was going to go bad.
And it did, the fights the lies, the screams, the cries. The I hate you I want you out.
How does love like this go so wrong
I will always love you
And now after 2 years I will always hate you too!
But I never want you to leave my life
I will always be your tinker bell
And you will always be my teddy bear

The author's comments:
Hello there
this is 1 of many poems i have writen this one is about my ex boyfriend who i dated for 2 years, it was a confusing love but i hope in a way you can understand how much love i have for him. and he for me. and that our love was so pure and strong but we lost it ..and we are still holding on . love is a crazy confusing weird thing that happens.

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mang9believe said...
on Jan. 2 2009 at 2:22 am
I understand completely. It's awesome how you write about it and can control your feels into what needs to be said or wanted to be heard. Our experiences help others as we may write them. I have gone through that been there. You are a very good poet. ;D

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