soul mate

December 19, 2008
I can't help but wonder if everyone has a soul mate
or are some of us just destined to live alone
like it's our fate
will we always have someone who cares about us
or will we grow old and be alone
I sometimes wish it was easier to see
if only my future were more clear
because I know that's my number one fear
we're all oblivious to our actions in life
so sometimes it becomes a strife
we worry about it and it digs into our thoughts
like a vigorous knife
if there really is a man up above
why would he want anybody live life without anyone to love
I know I want someone to be by my side
to grow old with, share memories together
and be able to say that it'll last forever
I want to know if it is ok to believe
that everyone has that kind of romance
or am I just in some kind of trance

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