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The Cross

September 24, 2014
By TwiggyD9 BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
TwiggyD9 BRONZE, Plymouth, Michigan
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The splintery wood,
A jeering crowd,
Mock and spit,
And voices loud.

One nail for each hand,
One nail for both feet,
Soon I’ll be hanging,
For all to see.

I cry out in pain,
As the nails drive in,
One throb for each pound,
From the hammers of sin.

Two other men,
Beside me hang,
The one on my left,
Insults my name.

The other is sorry,
For what he has done,
“Jesus remember me,
In your Kingdom.”

“Father forgive them,
For they do not know,
What they are doing,
To hurt you so.”

I let out the last,
Breath of my life,
There’s no more pain,
There’s no more strife.

But on the third day,
I rise with new breath,
Conquering sin,
Conquering death.

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