Intimidation= Empowerment

December 16, 2008
By Rebecca Boyle, Ellesmere Port, ZZ

Its funny looking back at things,
As the time has quickly flew by,
Remembering all the things that have happened,
It makes me wonder ‘why?’

Why didn’t I act more confident?
Or make more effort to smile,
Why didn’t I stand up for myself?
When the boys were acting so vile

When the ‘popular girls’ would call me names
And made me feel unpretty,
When the boys would call me an ‘ugly leper’
Because they thought they were being witty.

So what if I have eczema?
Yes, I do have ginger hair,
But I’m still a person like everyone else,
Did you think I didn’t care?

Or did that make it even better?
To know you were making life hell,
For me school was an awful time,
And you knew I was too weak to tell.

But then entered my family and friends,
Who were always on my side,
To help me fight my battles,
When I wanted to run and hide.

Things could have gotten a whole lot worse,
If I didn’t have everyone there,
Cheering me up with jokes and laughter,
When I thought life was unfair.

In a way I’ll always think to myself,
I’m relieved school didn’t last longer,
But everything that happened was for a reason,
So thank you, you made me stronger.

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