The Loud Silence of 1969

December 16, 2008
Silent is the majority,
That watches as rebellion,
Becomes the law of the land.

With picket lines,
And their beliefs,
In the harmony of peace,
Students endure the beatings and arrests,
While marching to the catchy tunes,
Of the Who and Pink Floyd.

What would happen,
If this had happened now?
Rarely do I see,
In this present day,
Bodies riot against the administration,
While the enforcers hold them at bay.

What is this war?
That we proceed to fight,
But find no reason for?
We keep sending the men,
The next younger than the last,
But are handed back a little too quickly,
With their arms and legs wrapped in casts,
Of a war that is not worth the lives that are taken.

As Nixon continues the “vietnamization,”
Afraid that taking them away would cause a National Liberation,
We see history being made 250,000 miles away,
As Niel Armstrong leaves the comfort of his spacecraft,
To make the first human footprint,
On the surface of the moon.
With such a great achievement,
Comes the ending of a legacy,
In the form of shaggy hair and British accents,
That call themselves the Beatles band.

I guess maybe it was because,
Paul McCartney wanted to try it solo,
And Epstein’s death caused tension in the collaboration?
Or maybe Lennon’s affair with Yoko Ono,
Caused the sudden split?
Despite the fans who openly,
expressed their discontent,
The Beatles played their last performance,
On the rooftop of Apple with crowds of faithfuls,
Mourning the band that would soon be considered dead.

The events of the year,
No doubt considered legendary
To the many years before,
Are still faced with the silence of the majority,

Who cover their ears from the gunshots
That are further drowned out across the ocean,
By the music and rebellion that sweep across our nation,
And become the laws of our land.

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