A Kiss in the Dark

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

As we lay there in the car my heart slowly beats
I hold you close, i have found tranquility
I've waited the whole day for this moment
You lay your head on my chest and my heart throbs

You begin to slip away so i pull you back
And though you're right against me you wrap around me tighter
My heart races and i pull you closer still
You look up at me and i gaze into your eyes

The world slows down around me and my heart stops
I close my eyes and try to clear my mind
Pulling me closer, you kiss me, and my mind melts
Everything speeds up again as we embrace

A kiss in the dark opens the eyes of my heart, and I see you.

The author's comments:
this piece was written from the heart for a girl who steals my dreams.

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