December 15, 2008
Carried by many,
I am a dangerous weapon.
Spies, criminals, and assassinators,
And most end up in prison.

I live in a dark, cold world,
A world full of morons and fools.
There is nothing anyone can do,
Once the trigger is pulled.

Though I am easy to use,
It can only be managed by those --
Those who have guts and courage,
To bear the dreadful consequences.

My days are longer than most,
And the emptiness filled my life.
For I have the power to kill,
But not the power to die.

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unbearablyhonest said...
Dec. 30, 2008 at 2:51 am
i love this. most people don't see things through the perspective of an object, and i think it was brave, interesting, and unique to try something so new like this. it's constructed very well, and the last lines are my favourites. keep up the good work
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