Memories Never Die

December 15, 2008
By Shelby Moss, Cleburne, TX

I remember your laugh, the way your eyes sparkled
The inside jokes and your hard-headed ways
I remember that car, the speed and the wind
The music blasting away at the world
I remember the late nights and the fights
The sneaking out and your kind heart
I remember Madden, the nicknames, our friendship
The late night phone calls just to say hello
Most of all I remember that phone call

I do not understand why it happened
Why you had to go so fast and so soon
I do not understand why you got taken away
Why you couldn’t stay just a little bit longer with us
I do not understand why I didn’t get to say goodbye
Why it was sudden and hurt me so
I do not understand why we didn’t get to celebrate your twentieth birthday
Why we were so close and suddenly nothing was left
I do not understand why Trey
Yet I know in my heart I will always remember
For my whole life ahead our memories will never die

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece in my creative writing class. We were asked to write about something that had made an impact on our lives. Coincidently, we were actually given the assignment around the one year mark of one of my good friends, Trey, death.

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