Because im not your average woman

December 14, 2008
By Sarah Hall, Manassass, VA

Because im not your average woman
your average person ,or human being
i rewrote the book on happiness
no matter how unhappy i may seem .

Because i want to change the world ,
with my thoughts so ludicris they may seem
Farther than the farethest dreams.
People think im stranger than the strangest thing ,
ever seen.

because i believe in perfection ,
and work so hard to acheive
people deem me impossible , high maitenece
and the far from free .

Because i believe in truth justice and the american dream ,
people say im old fashion and hard to please .
because i believe in love above everthing ,
people think Im unrealistic and living in some sort of fanticy .

Because these things could be true of me ,
i wont lie and say i havent tried
to figure out why at times the matter of some situations
seems to supress the mind .

Because i know i might be sick ,
and one day be lost in thought
I live each day like i think each day should be lived
with no worry , no regret and no loss.

because i know im different and special in that ,
i try not to wonder why god made me half happy half insane
Wondering why i seem lost in a sea of empty words and space .

BEcause im not your average woman
normal things wont do .
i have to stand out i was never meant to be trapped
or forelonged in someone elses opps .

Because i know im special
i can not do
the ordinary
the expected
or be like any one of you .

because i know i wont be excepted '
i try to become a human shrew .
but try as i might i cant trap the light
that permiates through .

Because im not really shallow , but as deep as the dead sea .
one day
my day will come to show the world the real me .
And few people know me , and few people ever will ,
i leave this behind me ,
in hopes that one day millions will .

The author's comments:
Hi, Im Sarah and I wrote Because I'm Not an Average Woman, simply because I was sick and tired of people

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