Point of No Use

December 14, 2008
As I close my eyes and fall into a withered sleep
I let my soul slip into a cold world so deep... Words transform and images blur..
While my memory is fixated in a mixtured stir..
I wrap my problems around this bottle.
.the whole time being unsure..
Cold beads of perspiration gather to drip As I rest my head on a secret cloud ready to sip...
Ready to sip..
Sip that devils juice
Devils serum
Devils nector..
My understanding of this sin was that of a different contraceptor..

For I've dropped to the point of no use.. Cause see I've been obtained by alcohol abuse
Over and over just taking that sip... Drowing my problems...in one sip of juice.. How can I untie my fears and let myself go? For I've been hittin this bottle to and fro.. Back and forth swingin it just like a..
Making confessionals
About mistake transgressionals
Idiotic liberationals
Upfront confrontationals...
About the realization of a being called I.. Too long have I been on this high..

So high that I let my eyes close I and fell into a withered sleep...
My soul slipped into a cold world so deep... And now...
Air isn't transferring to my lungs..
So now I see that the Devils game has just begun..

Nomore am I ready to sip...
sip that devils juice
Devils serum
Devils nector..
For the realization of I is too late...
The realization if I is too late..
Too late.

This will certify that the above work is completely original

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