Find The Real

December 13, 2008
irrational thoughts keep rushing through my head,
Things not even worth thinking about killing me from the inside softly.
My anger is throwing itself around my body and causing the disturbances in my life
Tearing me apart from the center of my life to the tips of everything i care about.
Pull my soul out from the abyss and tell me what is wrong with me.
Tell me what i don't already know and what i need to learn ,
So that this life will make itself a lesser challenge than it already is.
While i sit here and motion myself and try to make everything better
my mind tells me otherwise
Nothing works for me anymore, everything seems to collapse in front of me
while i pray to god that something will come along and rescue me from this hell of an earth
Then i met her
She brought the life and light back into my life that i never thought could return
she gave back what i had lost so long ago
She showed me what it means to truly love someone
My heart and its love melted as she whispered those three words
My Life is now pulled away from all that i thought would kill me softly, slowly
I regain strength enough to care for her and to try and show how much i love her
and everything that she's done for me is all i could ever ask for, nothing more
The other half of me, my better half
I love you

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