Aqueous Blaqk

December 12, 2008
Ist Das Jetzt Ruhig?

I had a home upon a rock,
Built of glass and hard, sharp
Substances having voices of their own.
I didn't want it built of anything else.
Those dark materials with
voices resounding, and
Below them,
The whirling dervishes of the sea,
Icy cold and foaming gray, so
Deliciously, to make you feel alone.

This place does not exist.

I told them,
One and all,
"Don't give to me,
but take away.
What I own must be alone,
Autonomous with
Its own beauty,
For I will not restrict
Nor complement."
I am not open to the colors
And the morning.
I simply do not care.

Oh, I love Him,
The Creator. Mark,
I love Him well.
I love Him most.

Flowers glittered me
That night,
And the moon
Lit me as it loved me;
Silver light upon
My silver skin, and
Indigo debree
(Or that's what I have named it)

I fell in love with a damned voice.
Rich, and reaching as
High as it was low.
It spoke of faith.

I'm unspoken of.
And though blurry little girls,
Angels, play in brittle cut-overs,
Growing more cherubic with each stroke
Of my brush,
Stone crumbles overhead
And no one can place the hand.

'A B = C' is subjective.
Some would argue.
I won't.
I don't care.
Nothing you can teach me
In the ways of science can
And in my way of laughing you down,
I'll misconstrue it all
Before the world.
Be careful of the lessons you teach,
And to whom you preach.
Ich sehe, dass Sie jetzt ruhig sind?

And now you'll find that I've taught you
You're most shameful lesson.

... but now it thunders ...
I'm liquid...
And your eyes are "aqueous black."
So there, I've named a color,
Your color.

One day I'll make a masterpiece.
It will be formed in my mind, and
I'm sure as I don't care that
I must know a great suffering,
A desperate pain
For its existence
I welcome it with tea
At six.
This magnum opus will drain.
And it will be the only thing
No one may ever see.
A masterful emotion,
(tour de force),
that only He
(der Schöpfer)
Will acknowledge.

That voice, it rises high now.
You'll wish,
You all will wish,
You had not chosen to be deaf.
And for you,
For all of you,
I give you this:
I do not care.

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