December 12, 2008
By Melinda Osborne, Greeleyville, SC

I'll Be Gone
With The Break Of Dawn
I'll Follow My Drawn Map Wherever It Leads Me
I'll Bleed And Hunger
Heed My Warning
I Need To Get Away From Here For A Little While
Of Course I Have Fear
I Dont Need To Hear Of All The Dangers That Lie Ahead Of Me
I'll Try Not To Shed A Tear
I Got It All In My Head
I Do Dread My Journey But I'll Make It Back Alive
I'll End Up Ahead Of You
I Wont Just Blend In Anymore
I Cant Pretend To Be Just Like You Again
Can You Apprehend This
Very Few Will Understand
But I'm Gonna Make Myself New
This Is My Dream I Will Pursue It
Til The Very End

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