Ashes of my Dreams

December 11, 2008
By Paloma Ibarra, Bellflower, CA

I once watched the snow fall down into my hands.
Snowflakes danced into the air showing me life
would move on. Soon, I would understand.

Snowflakes taught me how to love myself, and then to love you.
White snow caught my heart, and then ripped it in two.

Icy flakes have fallen, my heart is full of cold.
Leaving my life's story.... seemingly untold...

Now I watch the gray snow fall, it burns on the touch.
Every ashy ember melting away my heart...
Ashy flakes have taught me not to love so much.

Ash crashes to the floor. It's burning hot, it's hell.
Nothing is going right, Love, I know it won't end well.

Ashes, Ashes, have fallen... burning my every broken dream.
And this fire called 'Fate' has muted all my screams.

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