December 16, 2008
By Autumn Mathis, Cleburne, TX

She shows all the signs of it.
How do you see right through them?
She is crying out for love and you don’t even notice
The scars on her wrist and you have yet to care
The tear filled eyes of yet another failure
She rebels but not too much.

She fights with a half wounded heart.
All for you just to notice a little
The constant working out to be “perfect”
Trying harder and harder, will you ever notice?
Will anyone?
She is scared but she is afraid to show it.
She wants to see who cares
The broken heart of the past
The shatter of emotions flooding her thoughts
The mood quickly changes
Do you not understand, all you do is remain uncaring?
All she needs is a lot of prayer and love
Yet all she gets is the looks from judging eyes
Or from broken hearts just like hers…
She doesn’t get it.
How come you see right through the signs of help?
They tell me I’m perfect, not a single flaw.
I wish they could see what I see.

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