My Supermassive Blackhole

December 12, 2008
Oh, how dare you!
How dare you,
Just walk right through my vulnerable heart,
Treating it as if it were a filthy rug!
You stepped on it,
You abused it!
You knew what you were doing!
Did you see no wrong?
Did you see nothing at all wrong?
Sucking my soul right in.
You have no regrets on what you've done.
Yet I,
I have regrets.
I regret the very moment I met you.
But yet I don't
You're like air to me know,
I cannot simply just move on!
No I cannot!
I'm much too attached
More than I've let on
More than I'd like
Don't leave!
Please, please!
Tell me you'll stay!
Well...maybe another day?"
I cry out in vain,
You'll never return,
But your gravitational pull-
Still remains the same.

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