December 12, 2008
By Kyle Jacobson, Herndon, VA

Into your eyes I stare,
blue glitters back.
Drowning me in hidden emotions,
washing my thoughts with cobalt tides.
How long have we been sitting here?
Me wrapped tightly in your embrace.
Your arms hold me captive,
I am the willing damsel without distress.
Flutters start in my stomach,
trembles run wild,
each moment filled with new sensations,
the slightest touch melting my heart.
Butterflies let loose,
dancing within my soul,
my body moves to your will,
I am at your command.
Don’t let me go,
I can’t lose this feeling.
The air is charged around us,
saturated with our pleasure.
Shivers thrive on my giddiness,
tingles charge up my spine,
flapping wings,
the rustle of delicate love.
I’ll forget you not.
Butterflies settle,
after you have gone,
I lay alone,
basking in our passion.
sweet is the smell of comfort,
the taste of joy on my lips.
Your presence lingers by me,
the gentleness of your touch.
Softly comes my breath,
whispering in the silence.
Happiness I will always remember,
flows inside of me,
in the form of gentle,
fluttering butterflies.

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