My Favorite Beach

August 14, 2008
By Kaitlin Long, Napa, CA

Today The Beach looks different;
different as can be there are Whales swimming in The Sand instead of in The Sea;
There are Penguins doing cannonballs
splashing all around there are Snakes on sun-tanning chairs turning their scales brown;
there are Lions playing checkers with baby Kangaroos;
There are Ants lifting Elephants with an antenna or two; Today i told my mother just what i had seen and She said It was My mind doodling beyond its reach.

The author's comments:
I put this under the category of What Matters because i am a firm believer that having fun every now and then in whatever your doing say writing is something that matters and can save someone whether it be from a boring day ora truly horrendous one.

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