Why did I go

October 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Why did I go.

On top of the house

I sit barefoot

The danger of looking down
I fill the pressure of my so called friends
Telling me to come down sneak out
I do it, I jump
The aftershock of my feet when I hit the ground
I fell to the floor
Tried to get up my ankle throbbing
I fill my heart bet in my tows
I think why did I do it
I fell for it
Peer pressure
I think if I go what is going to be next
Now it’s just to go to the park
But next will it be a party will there be drinking
But all my friends are doing it
They are not getting caught, will I
I think about it my gut is telling me go
But my heart says don’t go
Do I go with my gut do I go with my heart
I fill my friend pulling me saying lets go we r going to be l8
I go
We rush off into the night
We get there in having 2nd thoughts
I start to think why did I go
I did not want people to think I was scared
So I did not go home
I stayed only tell me and my friends got bored
We went back to my house
I ask my friends why did we go the was dumb
We did not even have fun
We say it was not worth it
We don’t need to go not like that
We did not have fun
Why go next time
We wont, why not
It’s not fun
It’s not worth it
Do your won thing
Don’t go

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