Play On Fears

October 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Worrying does not empty tommorow of it troubles

It empites today of it's strenghts

it plays on your fears and it keeps

us locked tight and does not let us

show our ideas

It's a blinding glare it keeps us from getting

near it keeps us away it pushes us aside it

does not relate it abides by hate maybe it's

fate to force us in a genocide and destroy

thy mind with it's demenstrated hate

it rocks us like an earthquake it makes

big man quake and shorties shake

it breaks the strongest person down

and just waits for you to crack it can

take and take

until there so no more and your soul

is set in stone


your Fears is the only thing left to roam

The author's comments:
i think i was inspired by my friends to write this poemthey showed me that there is better days

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