December 9, 2008
By Justin Ziencina, Feeding Hills, MA

The chilling winter is settling in, weather I cant stand
Empty barren snow desert is what I came to know
But wait, out of nothing life began
It was the winter blossom coming out and through the snow

Never had I seen such a beauty as this
This was not your ordinary flower you see
For it had two legs, two eyes, and a nose
The elegance was evident as she walked over to me

She told me I could pick her and she would be mine
"Forever?" I asked; "Until the end of time."
So I took her home and loved her so
The longer I held her the more she would grow

I lived my life with her, the good and the bad
I made her a mother, she made me a dad
Through middle age and raising our son
Growing old together from day one

It then came time for me to go
Back to where my wife once grew
The soil, the earth, the ground, the trees
On my deathbed the enchantress spoke to me.

"I promised you forever, but I forgot who you were
This is the end of your life; Can I get over you? Not sure.
You humans cant live like I thought you could
If there was anyway to come with you, you know that I would
You were my everything, my sun and my moon
I never thought that the end would come this soon
You took me in, loved me, taught me how to feel
This is unbelievable, please don't go, this cant be real."

The author's comments:
I wrote this about my girlfriend; Not the most original topic, but I impressed myself.

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on Dec. 20 2008 at 3:54 am
Well, I loved it. I want you to write more because you have that sense and that passion that is needed! Great job, you impress me greatly! =D

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