This is Me

December 9, 2008
The Voices I hear,
the faces I see,
Reminds me of what I used to be.

Fat and Ugly,
Scarred of what people say,
Now im wishing it would all go away.

Forever and ever,
But it never will.

It sits at the pit of my stomach,
and makes me feel ill.

Like someones punching me,
in the stomach,
and will never stop.

Tears roll down my face,
As I look at that one spot.

That one ugly spot in the mirror,
and that ugly face looking back at me.

That ugly face,
is the person I want to be.

The beautiful girl looks through the mirror,
but never relizes whats there,
Until that one person,
comes and changes her life forver.

All he said was,
one thing that morning,
" Good Morning Beautiful"

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