Who I Used to Be

December 9, 2008
I used to be a little girl with little curls on my head,
But now I am a big girl with long braids falling down my back.

I used to be a puppy, rolling down hills and into puddles with my friends who were only boys,
But now I am a dog, calmly chatting with my friends who are mostly girls.

I used to be Ms. Keane’s class: hyper and naïve,
But now I am Mrs. Woodcock’s class; still hyper but we have found our own path.

I used to be a library,
But now I am the field behind it.

I used to be shy,
But now I am not afraid to express myself.

I used to be Parcheesi and game night with my family,
But now I am too much homework to do anything.

I used to be the Nantucket ferry,
But now I am the snow of Sweden.

I used to be a skater,
But now I am a skier.

I used to be a sketch with erase markings on it,
But now I am an oil painting; perfectly imperfect.

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