Dear Brother,

December 9, 2008
By Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
Christy Cee GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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We were best friends
But not from the start
We fought all the time
Tore each other apart

It wasn't until
I met a boy
You gave me advice
"Love isn't a toy."

You'd sit at your desk
I'd lay on your bed
I'll never forget
The kind words you said.

We watched Disney Movies
I'd watch you laugh
We had so much fun
Singing along with the "rif-raf"

I miss you so much
And the times we had
College isn't that far
But it still makes me sad.

Dear brother, i promise,
When you come back
We'll make even more memories
I'll even help you pack!

Come visit again soon
And don't forget to remember
My brother and friend,
I'll love you forever!

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