The Sky

December 8, 2008
By Marian Alicea, Erie, PA

So blue today
So calming and refreshing
The sky it sparkles
Like a baby’s first smile

The sky is now frosty
Cold to the touch
White flakes fall down upon my cheek
I should get my jacket now
The sky whispers to me in the night

The sky is bright
As the sun shines down
Warmth on my arms
Mom calls me in like a megaphone
The sky smiles as clouds pass by

The sky now is clear
Heat piercing my ears
Moisture frizzing my hair
Summer is here
In the sky

The sky is crying today
I’m sorry to say
Salty tears caressing my mouth
Wet as the trees next to me
Clouds look angry
And so does the sky

Sky so blue
So calm and cool
Sparkle on my beautiful sky
Sky so blue

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