December 8, 2008
By Christine Cherry, Laurel, MD

Dreaming wide awake, she cries out silently
her hand lightly entwined with his
attached by complimenting hands, complimenting thoughts
the mood changes and she gently hears his heartbeat
her head resting on his chest. The constant tempo
combines them as one.
Deep inhales escape from his lungs, constant, tired,
but contented.
Silent misconceptions of males fill her head, scaring her,
scarring her.
Silly ideas of lust and excitement fill his head, exciting him,
scarring him.
a s h i v e r
escapes from their bones, simultaneously.
She relaxes against him again, the fullness of her heart
feeling as if it is nearing its bursting point.
He intertwines his hands with hers, once again, relaxing,
letting her know that she is fine.
a sudden awakening
and the reality of the world reenters their
her hands quickly unlace with his out of the fear that this is not for keeps,
which it so obviously is not.
Keeps are for the winners, the strongest, the prettiest, the fastest,
all of which she is not. and he is,
and he smiles, he knows he has won.
He has charmed her, all of her, and she has completely been succumbed to his
childlike way of love.

She runs away from him, not heartbroken though not completely together
broken like a bone, and can mend in due time, but not without the right types of plaster.
Plaster like the warm embrace of him, the intertwining of his hands,
the feel of his fingertips on the small of her back.
she breaks down, sobbing, the raining of her eyes
is not even enough to remind him of what they were.

he awakens, next to another girl, another heartbeat, another life
Lust once again fills his eyes.
slanty eyes, squinty eyes, empty eyes.
empty of the love of a girl who would have shown him the world,
felt him, scared him, held him
l o v e d h i m
He fights off these feelings, these 'what could have been' feelings
though his mind beats him.

we all slowly must surrender to the powers of our feelings to another person,
compelled to stay with them. we want that feeling,
that closeness,
that power
but many of us will never experience it.
The taste of a good sandwich, the thrill of a rollercoaster, the achievement of a good grade
the gold starred refrigerators.
all "lovely" though-
not what we, the human race, mammals, beings,
can experience from being in love with another.

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