Her Decay Byplay

December 8, 2008
By Briana Gillispie, Port Richey, FL

One window is all I need,
I watch as the poor woman is hit and bleeds.
The man she thought to keep her safe,
Has battered and beaten her beautiful face.
I byplay her beatings day after day.
I watch as her life slowly decays.
The poor woman that has dissolved away,
She needs only not to defray,
Her life has not need any more to pay,
Yet to her dismay she takes the blows to her head, mind and heart.
She imparts her bruises after falling apart.
As she sluggishly excels the courage to tell,
She shakes off her feelings after living in hell.
She lives through the sorrow after being denied,
Numerous times only left to cry.
She has a story for many to tell,
She’s deprived from the life she thought had went well.
She was stuck in a world only he had impelled.
No matter how many times she’s tried to compel.
A new and improved women of mind,
A woman that had been treated unkind,
This women is strong and,
Shown no mercy for years over time.
Her spirit appears with love and affection
Taken from her and her protection.
She’s like a flame, even once put out, she glows beyond any mans doubt.

The author's comments:
Many of my writings are morbid or have a feeling of betrayal, abuse, or an uneased feeling of hatrid or someone who is not loved the proper way. I really hope you like this. :]

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