We Looked Furor in the Eyes

December 8, 2008
By Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
Nicholas Hébert DIAMOND, Austin, Texas
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We looked furor in the eyes and he burned and brackened away our hopes of a brighter life on the horizon.
When we looked furor in the eyes, he guarantees a day of pounding, penal, pensive pursuit into a more meaningful existence.
We looked fear in the eyes and she too etched a hole of darkness into the memoirs in our molding minds.
When we looked far in the eyes, she silenced us-silenced all thought, all sound of reverberating courage, and all will to withstand wistful thinkers
Bearing down on our willful individuality.

The author's comments:
The poem means that the average 'individual' is affected strongly by their anger because it's hard for them to control it and so it promises them a hard, unfulfilling life if you can't restrain your temper. It tells you that the average person allows their fears to consume their thoughts and memories and that the other people (better thinkers)tend to bog down other people's individuality.

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