A Crisp Autumn Night

December 11, 2008
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Your hands are entwined with hers,
Those hands that always kept me warm,
You walk by as if I’m nothing more then a shadow,
I bet you tell her she’s beautiful,
Just as you told me,
I wish I could talk to you,
Walk by your side again,
I wish I were that girl,
You pause and laugh,
The laugh I loved to hear,
The laugh that now makes my cry,
A tear slides down my cheek and another,
You look over as if to say you still loved me,
I wish that you did,
Your breath appears in the night like wisps of smoke,
You lean in and kiss her on the cheek,
The way you used to do to me,
I wonder if I am just another girl,
Like a pile of ordinary rocks,
I was just another rock nothing special,
I wonder if she, too would feel the way I do now,
I wonder if she is special, unlike the rest,
Does she love you?
I peek from behind a tree,
Her beauty, shining despite the darkness,
The beauty I could only dream of,
She smiled, and looked into your eyes,
Those ocean-blue eyes that I fell in love with,
You smile back at her,
The smile that broke my heart.

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UnclDave said...
Dec. 21, 2008 at 7:09 pm
Wow Ems...that was great!
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