Sestina at the Beach

December 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Sestina at the Beach
A day greets you early and bright,
You walk onto the back-cooling breeze,
The time only kept by the changing tides.
Wet, sticky sand
between your toes. Your life seems serene.

All looks so peaceful and serene,
It’s like a dream, everything so bright.
A pillow of sand,
The lullaby of the waves.
An ebbing tide,
with a relaxing breeze…

Yawn, the breeze
is still there, everything still serene.
Is that the tide?
What’s the time, why is it not bright?
Hearing waves,
you scramble off the sand.

Walking in footprints left in the sand,
Breathing the cool breeze,
And the thunderous waves.
You stay alert, no longer serene.
Its still not to bright,
You see, the oncoming tide.

But it’s just another tide,
You realize sinking back onto the sand.
It’s still a little bright.
You see a relaxing sunset, a nice little breeze.
Your panic has gone, the beach becomes again serene.
The thunderous roar turns into the gentle purr of the waves.

You again settle to the pulse of the waves,
Again you see the changing tide.
You feel immersed in the serene,
With your fingers toying in the sand.
Still that peaceful quiet breeze.
You realize everything on the beach has always shone bright.

It has always been bright, and the lullaby of the waves,
Has pulled many asleep with help from that gentle breeze, the mysterious tides,
And the soft warm sand all make this beach amazingly serene.

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