Starbucks, retro shades, and you

December 11, 2008
By Brittini Bell, Orlando, FL

Breathe in, breathe out

damn, I forgot about that essay
i'll get to it tommorrow

inhale, exhale

...or maybe not.

cough, cough, inhale, exhale

oh yeah I was supposed to mail that letter off. And what time was that appointment again?

hit it twice, now pass

I laugh as I cover my low, bloodshot eyes with cheap, stolen retro shades (we needed an adventure) wondering what show I was watching before it cut to commercials...oh well I'll find another one.

Cannabis crumbs under my cuticles, my favorite companion by my side. He does his best Dr. Evil impression and asks,"don't you have a job to go to?"

I shrug my shoulders, "yeah, don't you?"

"Let's get Starbucks."
"ok." He smiles that smile that makes me melt.

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