December 11, 2008
By Emily Kay, Overland Park, KS

I cling to what I hope to happen
Every second could be the last
When will the next abandon
Who will be the next to let me go?
How long will this last?
I cling to the dreams of someone else’s life

Everyday I dream
Of bigger and better things
Of true love
Of true friendship
My mind is past its years
Childhood over forever when it never really started

Alone in the cold
Shivering but who will give me a coat
Nothing is as it appears
Smiles are tears and tears are cries of help
Thin Walls hang trying to hold up my desperate heart
When will someone truly care?

When will someone finally hear me
Who will come to my rescue?
Is there anyone
Am I as damaged as people tell me
Can it be undone?
Will anything ever change?

Lies deceit hang over me
Strings that seem to guide my every move
NO one knows the whole story
NO one cares to listen
Judgments are passed long before the truth
Superficial prejudices block what is truly there

As my desperate heart cries
Who will hear it?
A dark tunnel closes in and no sound is near
I see fun and I hear laughter
But those feelings are mearly sucked into the vortex
The good heart that I know is within
Trying desperately to claw its way out

No one can crush that
I will not let that happen
I know as long as I keep my soul clean, pure
I will survive because I have to
This cant be all there is
It just cant be

So I wait as the uncontroable shivering continues
For someone to come along with enough pity
To give me the coat off their back.
I wait and pray
God can’t ignore me forever

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